12 Easy Low-Calorie Dinner Recipes

Chili-Glazed Pork With Sweet Potato Hash

chili-pork_gal image

Brush the pork with pure maple syrup throughout cooking to make a sweet glaze.

Spicy Pork and Soba Noodles

spicypork-noodles_gal (1)555

Use soba noodles during this recipe—they have less calories and carbs than regular white-flour alimentary pasta.

Garlicky Grilled Tilapia With Couscous

garlicky-tilapia_gal image

Marinate the fish in juice, olive oil, and garlic to infuse it with flavor before cookery.

Lemony Baked Salmon With Asparagus and Bulgur

baked_salmon_bulgar_gal image

This healthy dinner may be a snap to make—all the ingredients cook along in one dish within the kitchen oven.

Minty Bulgur Salad With Salmon and Cucumbers

bulgur-salmon_gal image

With cucumbers, fresh mint, and sliced onion, this dish is lightweight, crisp, and cool.

Halibut With Sugar Snap Pea Salad

halibut-greenbeans_gal image

Dress up firm snap peas with sesame seeds, lime juice, and ginger to distinction with the gentle, merely seasoned fish.

Halibut With Grilled Eggplant Salad

halibut-eggplant_gal image

Before cookery, brush the fish and eggplant with condiment and oil to feature a savory note.

Roasted Cod and Scallions With Spiced Potatoes

cod-scallions_gal image

The potatoes, scallions, and cod all roast within the kitchen appliance, which means there’s little active cookery time.

Cod With Beans, Corn, and Pesto

cob-bean_gal image

Adding store-bought pesto to the vegetables may be a flavorful shortcut price taking.

Seared Scallops With Snow Peas and Orange

dinner-scallops-peas_gal image

Orange zest facilitate go across the made, meaty scallops during this 25-minute meal.

Asian Steak Salad With Mango

steak-salad_gal image

A terrific lime, honey, ginger, and condiment dressing perks up this crisp, hearty main-course of salad.

Spinach-Stuffed Steak Roulades

steak-roulades_gal image

Fill flank steak with olive spread and recent spinach before rolling up and cookery.

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