16 Signs You May Have HIV Virus

HIV symptoms


Within a month or 2 of HIV getting into the body, four-hundredth to ninetieth of individual’s expertise flulike symptoms called acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).

But typically HIV symptoms do not seem for years—sometimes even a decade—after infection.

“In the first stages of HIV infection, the foremost common symptoms square measure none,” says archangelHorberg, MD, director of HIV/AIDS for Emperor Permanente, in Oakland, Calif. One in 5 individuals within theus with HIV does not recognize they need it, that is why it is so vital to induce tested, particularly if you’ve got unprotected sex with over one partner or use blood vessel medication.

Here square measure some signs that you simply are also HIV-positive.



One of the primary signs of ARS is often a light fever, up to regarding 102 degrees F.

The fever, if it happens the least bit, sometimes is commonly} in the middle of different usually gentle symptoms, like fatigue, swollen body fluid glands, and a pharyngitis.

“At now the virus is stepping into the blood stream and setting out to replicate in massive numbers,” says Taurus Malvestutto, MD, pedagogue of infectious diseases and medicine within the department of drugs at NYU College of drugs in town. “As that happens, there’s Associate in nursing inflammatory reaction by the system.”

Extreme tiredness


The inflammatory response generated by your enclosed system can also cause you to feel tired and inactive. Fatigue is often each Associate in nursing early and later sign of HIV.

Ron, 54, a publicity got within the Midwest, began to worry regarding his health once he suddenly gotdyspnoeic simply walking. “Everything I did, I got out of breath,” he says. “Before that I had been walking 3 miles every day.”

Ron had tested HIV positive twenty five years before feeling thus tired; fatigue throughout acute, or new narrowed, HIV may not be thus obvious.

Achy muscles, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes


ARS is usually mistaken for the respiratory disease, mono, or another virus infection, even social disease or infectious disease.

That’s not surprising: several of the symptoms square measure an equivalent, as well as pain within the joints and muscles and swollen body fluid glands.

Lymph nodes square measure a part of your body’s system and have a tendency to induce inflamed once there is Associate in nursing infection. Several of them square measure settled in your cave, groin, and neck.

Sore throat and headache


As with different symptoms, pharyngitis and headache will typically be recognized as ARS solely in context, Dr. Horberg says.

If you have engaged recently in insecure behavior, Associate in Nursing HIV take a look at could be a smart plan. Get tested for your own sake and for others: HIV is most infectious within the earliest stage.

Keep in mind that the body hasn’t made associate in Nursingtibodies to HIV nonetheless thus a protein take a look at might not choose it up. (It will take a number of weeks to a number of months for HIV antibodies to indicate in an exceedingly blood test). Investigate different take a look at choices like one that detects infective agent ribonucleic acid, generally at intervals 9 days of infection.

Skin rash


Skin rashes will occur early or late within the course of HIV/AIDS.

For Ron, this was another sign that he may not have unexceptional allergies or a chilly.

“They were like boils, with some fretful pink areas on my arms,” Ron says. The rashes may also seem on the trunk of the body. “If [the rashes] are not simply explained or simply treated, you ought to believe having Associate in Nursing HIV take a look at,” Dr. Horberg says.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea


Anywhere from half-hour to hour of individuals have short nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea within the early stages of HIV, Dr. Malvestutto says.

These symptoms may also seem as a results of antiretroviral medical aid and later within the infection, typically because the results of Associate in Nursing infection.

“Diarrhea that’s uninterrupted and not responding the least bit to usual medical aid can be a sign,” Dr. Horberg says. Or symptoms are also caused by Associate in nursing organism not typically seen in individuals with healthy immune systems, he adds.

Weight loss


Once referred to as “AIDS wastes,” weight loss could be a sign of a lot of advanced ill health and will result partially to severe diarrhoea.

“If you are already losing weight which means the system is sometimes fairly depleted,” Dr. Malvestutto says. “This is that the patient World Health Organization has lost lots of weight although they still eat the maximum amount as attainable. this is often late presentation. we tend to still see lots of those.” it’s subsided common, however, because of antiretroviral medical aid.

A person is taken into account to own wasting syndrome if they lose 100 percent or a lot of of their weight and have had diarrhoea or weakness and fever for over thirty days, per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Dry cough



A dry cough was the primary sign West Chadic had that one thing was wrong. He initially unemployed it as dangerous allergies.

But it went on for a year and a half—and unbroken obtaining worse. Benadryl, antibiotics, and inhalers did not fix the matter. Neither did allergists.

This symptom—an “insidious cough that would be happening for weeks that does not appear to resolve,” Dr. Malvestutto says—is typical in terribly unwell HIV patients.


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The cough and also the weight loss may presage a significant infection caused by a germ that would not hassle you if your system was operating properly.

“There square measure many alternative timeserving infections and every one will gift otherwise,” Dr. Malvestutto says. In Ron’s case, it absolutely was pneumocytosis (PCP), aka “AIDS respiratory disease,” that eventually landed him within the hospital.

Other timeserving infections embody infection, a parasitic infection that affects the brain; a sort of herpes referred to as cytomegalovirus; and yeast infections like thrush.

Night sweats

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About half individuals get night sweats throughout the first stages of HIV infection, Dr. Malvestutto says.

These are often even a lot of common later in infection and are not associated with exercise or the temperature of the area.

Similar to the recent flashes that biological time ladies suffer, they are additionally laborious to dismiss, provided that they soak your bed clothing and sheets.

Nail changes

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Another sign lately HIV infection square measure nail changes, like symptom (thickening and hook like of the nails), cacophonous of the nails, or discoloration (black or brown lines going either vertically or horizontally).

Often this is often thanks to a mycosis, like fungus. “Patients with depleted immune systems are going to be a lot of at risk of plant infections,” Dr. Malvestutto says.

 Yeast infections

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Another mycosis that is common in later stages is thrush, a mouth infection caused by fungus, a sort of yeast.

“It’s an awfully common plant life and also the one that causes yeast infections in ladies,” Dr. Malvestutto says. “They tend to look within the mouth or muscle system, creating it tough to swallow.”

Ron aroused from sleep in some unspecified time in the future to seek out white patches on his tongue. He had thrush. For him, “It wasn’t plague aside from I did not like having it.” The infection was laborious to induce eliminate, however finally cleared up once West Chadic started stoning up to combat HIV.

Confusion or difficulty concentrating

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Cognitive issues may be a symptom of HIV-related dementedness that typically happens late within the course of the malady.

In addition to confusion and issue concentrating, AIDS-related dementedness may additionally involve memory issues and activity problems like anger or irritability.

It may even embody motor changes: turning into clumsy, lack of coordination, and issues with tasks requiring fine motor skills like writing by hand.

Cold sores or genital herpes

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Cold sores (oral herpes) and herpes simplex are often a symptom of each ARS and late-stage HIV infection.

And having herpes may also be a risk issue for catching HIV. {This is this is often this will be} as a result of herpes simplex can cause ulcers that create it easier for HIV to enter the body throughout sex. And folks World Health Organization have HIV tend to own a lot of severe herpes outbreaks a lot of actually because HIV weakens the system.

Tingling and weakness

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Late HIV may also cause symptom and tingling within the hands and feet. this is often referred to asperipheral pathology, that additionally happens in individuals with uncontrolled polygenic disease.

“This is once the nerves are literally broken,” Dr. Malvestutto says. These symptoms are often treated with over-the-counter pain relievers and ant seizure medicines like Neuron tin (gabapentin).


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