7 Ideas for Container Gardens

Make an Entrance


A potted arrangement near the entry right away draws attention to the exterior door.
Design concepts: A triangular composition instills a way of balance and order. The big center pot is dominant, whereas medium and tiny pots give accents on either side.

Plants: Nemesia needs no deadheading and thrives fully sun or partial shade. It’ll bloom all season if fed and watered continuously.

Create a Centerpiece

garden-centerpiece image


Make a big impact with a bunch of little plants that type a low-maintenance centerpiece.

Design concepts: Even though they are not identical, these glazed ceramic pots and saucers are unified by color, shape, and size. Likewise, the plants are completely different styles of the same species.

Plants: Succulents, just like the the hens and chicks, jade plant, and purple aeonium shown here, are straightforward to care for. These sun lovers like dry soil.

Hang Your Plants


If you’re short on surface house, invest in a few hanging plants.

Design concepts: Hanging baskets are generally sold in plastic pots with ugly hangers. While the pot is usually obscured by leaves and flowers, the hangers stay visible and never appear to be the correct length. Cut off the hangers and lace strong nylon cord through the holes within the pot. Knot it well. Then droop the plant higher eye level, however not so high that you simply see all-time low of the pot.
Plants: Mini petunias are sold under names like Supertunia Mini and Million Bells. Whatever you call them; they want deadheading and may take sun or a mixture of sun and shade.

Define Your Space


Edgings or walls manufactured of potted plants visually delineate and define spaces. These plants help separate the lawn from the patio.

Design concepts: Six equally spaced, identical faux terra-cotta pots are arranged in an L shape at the far corner of the patio. A selection of rowdy herbs explodes from the graceful, clean lines of the classic pots, providing distinction in color and texture.

Plants: associate assortment of cooking herbs is prepared for harvesting (seeGrow Herbs in a Potted Arrangementfor specifics).

Make a Path



Plant-lined ways will facilitate link areas and direct traffic patterns.


Design concepts: Matching up to date pots that area unit equally spaced and planted with decorative grass dramatically intensify the length of the path.

Plants: This arrangement remains partaking, despite the repetition of plant and instrumentality, as a result light reflects off every blade of Morning Light-weight Maidengrass. The wind is additionally a key natural element, adding movement and sound.

Use the Stairs


A porch landing is usually too little to stage a grouping of containers. The stairs, however, will   be an ideal spot for flowerpots.
Design concepts: These side-entrance steps connect the house and also the road. Identical painted terra-cotta pots emphasize the connection between the areas, whereas the earthy tones of the pots and also the flowers heat up the cool, neutral colors of the porch and also the house.

Plants: Zagreb Thread-Leaf Coreopsis may be a perennial that likes sun. It’ll keep blooming into the autumn if deadheaded sometimes.

Try the Walls


Don’t forget vertical areas. Plants will enliven a vacant wall, and transportation them up to eye level makes them easier to get pleasure from.

Design concepts: Using an excellent range of plants results in a proper look; odd numbers appear a lot of loose and natural. Here, five glazed ivory pots are planted with trailing white flowers. The white-on-white color scheme is clean and relaxed.

Plants: Cabaret White Calibrachoa makes a wonderful hanging plant, due to its overflowing flowers. It needs full sun to thrive.



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