Be active, be alive

More than 3 million people die once a year because they are not active enough. WHO consult that adults do at least hundred and fifty minutes per week of physical activity of moderate redundancy to stop these deaths? 

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One in 3 adults isn’t doing enough physical activity to maintain healthiness. Physical inactivity is that the main cause approximately 21-25% of breast and colon cancer, twenty seven percent of diabetes and thirty of ischemic heart disease. It’s the fourth leading risk issue for world mortality and cause six percent of all death. Regular physical activity can decrease the danger of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and bread and colon cancers. This is a simple wherewithal that will save a life but it is often take care of.

The term “physical activity” shouldn’t be confused with “exercise”, that may be a subcategory of physical activity. Any movement that needs energy expenditure – together working, playing, carrying out household chores, travelling and engaging in recreational pursuits area unit differing kinds of physical activity. Both, moderate and vigorous intensity physical activity brings health convenience.

The intensity of various forms of physical activity varies between peoples. In order to be advantage for health, all activity ought to be performed in bouts of at least ten minutes duration. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults do a minimum of one hundred fifty minutes per week of physical activity of moderate intensity like walking, cycling, ménage chores or doing sport. And for children and adolescents, one hour moderate to vigorous intensity activity per day is usually recommended.

Physical inactivity is on the increase in several countries including Bangladesh, adding to the burden of noncommunicable disease and touching general health. The visit physical activity is partly due to inaction during the vacation time and sedentary behavior on the job and at home. Likewise, a rise within the use of “passive” modes of transportation conjointly contributes to physical inactivity.

Several environment factors that are connected to urbanisation especially in developing country like Bangladesh discourage individuals from turning into additional active, like worry of ferocity and crime in outside areas, high-density traffic, low air quality, pollution and the lack of parks, sidewalks and sports/recreations facilities.

Recognizing the importance of physical activity, an affordable saving tool, WHO adopted the Global Strategy on Diet? Physical Activity and Health” to extend physical activity worldwide, Experts from WHO guiding control to introduce the following policies that are directed to confirm that:

• Walking, cycling and different varieties of active transportation area accessible accessible and safe for all.
• Labor and work point policies encourage physical activity.

• Colleges have safe areas and facilities for college students to pay their free time actively.

• Quality Physical Education (QPE) supports youngsters to develop behavior patterns that may keep them physically active throughout their lives.
• Sports and recreation facilities give opportunities for everybody to try to do sports.

Appropriate regular daily physical activity may be a major part in preventing chronic sickness, in along with a healthy diet and not smoking. For people, it’s a strong suggests that of preventing chronic diseases; for nations, it will give a cheap approach of rising public health across the population. accessible expertise and scientific proof show that regular physical activity provides individuals, each male and feminine, of all ages and conditions – together with disabilities – with a good vary of physical, social and mental state edges. We have a tendency to all ought to move to aware individuals in any respect level. We are able to weather its personal or at community level.

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