Bangladesh Festival Korea

Bangladesh Festival Korea 2016 – Ansan Cultural Program

Bangladesh Festival Korea 2016 with James

Bangladesh Festival 2016, Ansan City (South Korea)

Organizer : Bangladesh Foundation of South Korea (BFK)

Date: 05 June, 2016

Venue: Ansan Wa Stadium


BoishakhiMela has started in Korea 1st by the former Dhaka Club (Korea) in 2007 and after some other groups had been organizing this event in Seoul. From 2012 through the sponsorship of Bangladesh Business Associations BoishakhiMela under the title Bangladesh Festival had been organizing in Ansan, South Korea and Mila & many others was the 1st singer while on 2013 AyubBacchu& LRB was the 2nd individual group 1st time took the stage of Ansan. Due to Sohero ship disaster Bangladesh Festival 2014 was postponed.

Bangladesh Festival Korea ansan
Cultural program

Bangladesh Festival 2016 Ansan cultural program opening ceremony is planned at 10:00 A.M. and from 10:00 A.M. till 1:00 P.M. is titled as 1st part where Bangladesh residences in Korea will perform music and other activities. From 1:30 P.M. 2nd part will begin where we will get artists from Bangladesh. Nagor Baul James will sing best songs along with the band & Bangladesh Idol Mong will perform the most famous songs. We will also get Comedian Rony to perform the best comics. 


Bangladesh Festival Korea 2016 with James


Remember you – Bangladesh Festival 2013

We thanks all who had helped us to organize Bangladesh Festival 2013 such as Saju Bhai, Sanower Bhai, Nabik Bhai, Raju Bhai, Ali Bhai, Awled, Bashir, Shoyon, Shamim, Jack (Jahangir), Ashraf Bhai, Robin bhai, Soton Bhai, Shopon Bhai, Matin Bhai, Babul Ghosh, Islam, Jashim, Zamanbhai,Shohag, Babu, Altaf.


Bangladesh Festival Korea 2015 with Ayub Baccu

We also thanks and grateful who have helped us financially to organize the event successfully, among those are Ansan city corp, Ansan Rotary Club, Arif Bhai & Korea Exchange Bank, Youngone corporation.

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