Biswa Ijtema and respecting health issues

Next to pilgrim’s journey, Bishwa Ijtema is that the second largest Muslim congregation of the globe that is command at Tongi on the bank of the stream Turag in Bangladesh. Bangladesh arranges this large Muslim congress with success since durable. currently there ar 2 sessions within the congregation and in every session lot of then twelve lakhs devotees take in the Ijtema field. They keep within the Ijtema field underneath an easy however large tent. Throughout their journey and keep the devotees might face several health issues.

On the means whereas coming back and going back they’ll face minor accidents and accidental injuries. in order that they ought to take all attainable precautions and at identical time they ought to carry some sterile gauze, a betadine antiseptic lotion, pain killers Paracetamol tablets for primary use. No matter is also the injury they have to wash the wound with safe water meticulously; then Betadine antiseptic lotion is also applied. Wrapping the wound with sterile gauze might facilitate to forestall any infection. If needed, opposing tetanus bar ought to be. For any major trauma or injury they ought to take the assistance of camp doctors. The devotee’s are requested to hold soap and drinkable with themselves to wash hands before clean any wound and for drinking purpose.
During their keep within the tent in such atmospheric condition, they’ll have inflammatory disease, cough, fever, respiratory disorder, diarrhoea, dysentery, body ache etc. they have to hold some medicine for primary use. a number of packets of ORS for symptom and muscle cramp. Paracetamol tablets for pain and fever. Some antihistamin tablets for any allergic condition. A number of Flagyl tablets might facilitate in rhizopod dysentry. A salbutamol dispenser for asthmatics and endocrine and oral symptom medicine for diabetic patients ought tobe carried. Some antibiotics prescribed by your physicians for a few experienced conditions like inflammatory disease, tract infections, symptom etc. is also of nice facilitate. One try of additional spectacles ought toeven be carried. Some disposable mask is also accustomed stop inhalation of mud and small organisms. Even then, just in case of any emergency one ought to seek for the assistance of free health camp doctor’s offeredclose to the tent of the devotees.
Wishing all the devotees a secure journey and safe keep.

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