Cheer Up Your Home

Outside in



Freshen up your home decor by delivery the outside in. Here are some super-simple ways in which to do it, from Brad Ford, an indoor designer in New York City.

Don’t forget the walls


Artwork is that the simplest way to bring bright, natural colors into your home,” Ford says. A money-saving tip: Buy patterned cloth  with a theme—we like fruit (shown), birds, shells, palm trees—mount on square of wooden frames (like ones sold at Ikea), and attach fabric in the back with a staple gun. Or raise scenic photos from your last vacation and place them in inexpensive frames.

Let the sun shine in


Keep curtains and shades receptive let in maximum light. Trying to replace your curtains or shades? Opt for neutral hues in a very light natural fabric like linen or cotton.

Swap pillows


Put throw pillows in cheap covers with leafy or different organic designs and you get a big impact instantly, Ford says. Even covers in bright earth tones, just like the flax-colored ones here, will add an understated back-to-nature touch.

Add plants


It’s a fact: Plants improve your mood. And Ford’s mantra is “The greener, more lush, and leafier the higher.” We would like just the Peace Lily (shown) and the Ficus Alii.

Happy feet


Rugs made up of natural fibers —like this sisal rug—make any room lot of earthy. Plus, “the texture makes them feel like they nearly came straight from the outside,” Ford says. If you wish something softer underfoot, Ford suggests adding a smaller wool or cotton throw rug into a floral or faux-animal-skin print.


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