Chicken Pad Thai – Now in Camping too

Chicken Pad Thai is a popular Thai cuisine that was limited to Restaurants till date. And as we prefer easy recipes in camping, chicken pad thai was beyond imagination. But it’s not that much complicated. Its very simple and quick to prepare that can easily be prepared in a campsite also. In just 20 minutes, you can enjoy this delicious dish with Chicken Pad Thai. To prepare this yummy dish, you need simple equipment like stove, nonstick pan, a pot, tongs, spatula, knife and board for cutting and plates. In a car camping, people usually carry these gears, so it won’t be extra hassle.

  • The first step of cooking chicken Pad Thai is, boiling noodles.
  • Then, sautéing chicken, onion and salt altogether.
  • The next step is scrambling eggs.
  • Then, simply mixing all ingredients and pouring them on pad thai sauce.

Chicken Pad Thai – These simple steps make such a yummy, tasty dish, which is nutritious and whole meal also. If anyone wants, pad thai sauce can be made at the spot or else, if it is bought ready from the store, it will be more simple and fun.

So, if you want to surprise your campmates, prepare chicken pad thai next time and enjoy their smiling face.


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