How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for You

Finding the perfect match

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Finding a fitness bra will be tough. Thus we tend to tested dozens of the most recent ones to create sure they won’t dig in, rub you raw, or allow you to bounce (ouch). Read on for five that gets the task done.

Most Flattering


Built like your everyday bra with wrought  cups (bye-bye, uniboob!), adjustable straps, and hook-and-eye back closure, this high-impact bra lifts, separates, and shapes, keeping even D-cups in restraint  with-out squishing. It’s somewhat pricey; however you’ll wear it to work as well as to work out.

Most Supportive


Hop, skip, and run— when you’re sporting this compression bra, you’ll do it all. The unwoven mesh offers a firm fit that minimizes bounce and it will increases ventilation thus you won’t overheat. And therefore cups are padded for a little further size boost.



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