An emerging hazard



Due to the ever-increasing unnatural death, correct mortuary waste disposal remains a serious cause for concern. The waste from mortuary is one among the unsafe sources of medical waste and might cause serious infections to folks exposed and build cyan genetic impact within the surroundings.
Post-mortem assessment and examination of bodies to work out the explanation for death is dispensed in rhetorical departments hooked up to hospital mortuaries, generating wastes within the sort of liquid,volatilised or solid. This is often currently associate aborting concern in developing countries like Dacca wherever medical waste has not been properly managed. The people operating with or WHO are available in contact with, dead body’s area unit exposed to potential hazards as a result of infectious agents.
The recently deceased gift a hazard as a result of pathogens, particularly T.B. and different microorganisminfections, duct organisms, brain infections, hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV etc. mould spores gift a good risk to those concerned in exhumations.
Other risks to employees embody exposure to chemicals like formal and alcohol additionally as substances whose real chemical nature is also unknown to employees (such as poisons and pesticides) and gases free as a result of the decomposition of body tissue or from poisoning cases. Moreover, a considerable quantity of mortuary waste is probably unsafe to the surroundings and should cause contamination of air, surface water, spring water, soils and sediments.
In Dhaka, mortuary staffs largely worked with manual instrumentality and none has received coaching in any facet of mortuary care and learned what to try to to by being shown by the senior staffs before them.
Local health and safety policies ought to be created out there to all or any staffs concerned within the mortuary, and may be followed. A system ought to be developed with the coaching for special management of that unsafe waste.

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