Father of American Killed in Paris Attacks Sues Twitter, Facebook, Google

The father of the sole American killed within the November terrorist attacks on Paris is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google, alleging the businesses wittingly permit members of ISIS to use their platforms, consistent with court documents.

The suit, filed weekday in U.S. District Court for Northern California by the daddy of Nohemi Gonzalez, seeks damages to be determined at a jury trial.


The suit is “not concerning cash,” the family’s lawyer, Keith Altman, told NBC News. “Google shares the profits with ISIS and these extremist teams. By their terms of service, so as to you on YouTube (a Google subsidiary), you’ve got to submit your articles for monetisation to Google. Then they begin swing ads on our pages and sharing revenue with you.”

Gonzalez, 23, of El card game, California, a student at California State University-Long Beach, was among one hundred thirty those who were killed November. thirteen in coordinated attacks across Paris. ISIS claimed responsibility.


The suit claims Twitter, Facebook and Google — through its YouTube service — provided “material support” to ISIS while not that “the explosive growth of ISIS over the previous couple of years into the most-feared political movement within the world wouldn’t are doable.”

“This material support has been instrumental to the increase of ISIS and has enabled it to hold out varied terrorist attacks, together with the Nov. 13, 2015, attacks in Paris wherever over one hundred twenty five were killed, together with Nohemi Gonzalez,” the suit claims.

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It’s unclear if the suit can get way since a provision of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 shields on-line service suppliers from liability for the actions of their users in the majority cases. however Altman same he’s that specialize in the infrastructure of the social media outfits — not on the content concerned.

Twitter and Facebook each same in statements Wednesday that the suit is “without advantage.”

In a statement, a Google spokesperson said: “Our hearts quit to the victims of coercion and their families everyplace. whereas we tend to cannot inquire into unfinished proceeding, YouTube incorporates a robust account of taking swift action against terrorist content. we’ve clear policies prohibiting terrorist achievement and content desiring to incite violence and quickly take away videos violating these policies once flagged by our users.”

All 3 sites same they were sympathetic to Gonzalez’s family and pointed to policies that cause the removal of threatening material once it’s delivered to their attention.

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