For New Year’s 014 Top 15 Health Tips!



1 . The morning never a wrong time to do the breakfast. Waking all day breakfast options for achieving energy . As breakfast toast, fruits , vegetables , cheese and milk and etc can take the food .

2. Every food time rice – do not fall upon vegetables to eat vegetables and fruits to practice. Lots of these foods, vitamins, minerals, and is haunted by sbasatantru . You can always eat 2 cups of fruit and 2 and a half cups of vegetables every day.

3. Healthily is important to take the appropriate amount of protein. So motorbike protein intake needs to take protein meals such as meat, phyatabihina milk, fruits etc.

4 . Physical exertion of the body weight, blood pressure decreases. Children and adolescents younger and older people a day and a half hour to one hour a day of exercise or other physical work should be .

5. Every time food should be taken out of the healthiest foods. Apples, nuts , butter, the protein foods , these foods contain higher amounts karbahaidreta accept .

6 . Mindful of the quality of the food. Avoid foods with excess fat to low-fat food consumption . Add more calories to food consumption.

7 . Reduce weight and physical fitness as any other information you wish to consult with the experts.

8 . Precautions to take food. Properly cooked food , etc. Be careful to keep hands clean . Food payasanim to defend very useful thing to be aware of these issues.

9. Intake of fast food outside the home than to be interested in making home -cooked meals.

10 . Restaurant meals during the day to focus on nutritious food. Vegetables, chicken, fish , fruits , order .

11 . The children nutritious meals a day of school, as Tiffin. Children grow, nutritious and clean food intake for healthier options.


12. Families eat together, sit all members. Studies of family members playing with the mind of a good diet and nutrition have to be sure. Keep the TV off during meals, turn off the phone.

13. The body temperature control, water is a very important factor for the flow of oxygen to muscles. 9 cups of water per day for men and women should eat 13 cups.

18. The day, drink a few cups of tea without milk . Tea body, anti – oxidant will provide . Remain fresh and klantimukta body.

15. Workplaces, schools, colleges, sit upright while sitting. If the waist, back or neck pain. To walk around occasionally while sitting continuously since.

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