Fruits safe your children?

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Suppose Aniruddha’s mother is a faculty teacher and a very careful mother. Few days ago she visited me with his son for some dietetics consult. She asked me about the seasonal fruits that she may provide to her son safely. I became puzzled a keep in and I was shaky to answer that question. According to statistics 76 percent of all food materials and 40 percent of fruits area units adulterated!
Banana, papaya, jackfruits are artificially ripen by totally different chemicals. Apple, orange, malta are formalin treated. Guava, pineapple is hormone and chemically treated. Watermelons are injected within toxic dyes to make inside more red. Mangoes are ripen by carbide. So it is reveals that almost all obtainable fruits are adulterated. Currently what to offer to the children safely. Answer was not known to me.
Only I will say these chemically treated fruits are not safe for our kids. Consumption of all it fruits may reason allergic manifestation, liver problems, kidney problems and hematological problems. Typically life threatening situations may occur.
We all go to be aware to come out from this serious unwanted situation.

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