Why More than Half of Men Screw up Valentine’s Day



Last year, fifty two p.c of unmarried guys admitted to purchasing V-day gifts for his or her S.O.s that were truly for themselves—tickets to your favorite five, nightclothes you wish, or a cut dinner at your favorite eating place, according a StubHub survey.

We’re guesswork those are the blokes WHO finished up fighting their means through Valentine’s Day dinner last year. In one extreme cautionary tale of 2013, a Chicago-area lady truly bit off a bit of her boyfriend’s tongue throughout a V-day dispute once he tried to kiss and conjure.

Okay, therefore it’s arduous to imagine any gift that might build your woman do this, however the purposestill stands: Keep her happy on Valentine’s Day. And shopping for you one thing pretty won’t do the trick.

Here’s why: Staying out of the doghouse depends on showing your squeeze that you’ve thought plenty regarding her and her interests, says Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D., a Manhattan-based relationship healer. That’s one reason why surveys show that girls ar over the oh-so-impersonal flowers, chocolates, and teddy staples. they stunning a lot of scream, “I gave this zero thought!”

How are you able to learn from past V-day disasters? “The best gifts keep company with a narrative, a story,” Hokemeyer says. What that means: select a present that reminds you of her or of a visit that you simply tookalong. And bear in mind, unless you’ll be able to answer the question, “Why would she—not simply unspecified girl—like this?” the gift could encounter as impersonal and won’t score you the reaction you were hoping for. (Need facilitate finding the proper present? look at these thirty MH-approved Valentine’s Day gifts for her.)

To add insult to attainable Valentine’s Day injury, guys inevitably wait till the moment to create Valentine’s Day plans. Don’t panic. Simply heed our unpunctual Valentine’s Day recommendation.

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