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Popcorn Is a Perfect Healthy Snack



Low-fat popcorn is firm, delicious, and a supply of whole grain fiber. Plus, you’ll relish an oversized, filling portion! Hunt for popcorn created with “94% Fat Free Butter” or air-popped popcorn.
Potato chips square measure high in fat and it’s arduous to eat simply a couple of — all that you simply get in a very 1-ounce serving. If you like chips choose the baked ones and watch your portion size.

One Bowl for Your Fiber Needs



For a nutrient begin to your day, select a whole-grain bran cereal jam-choked with fiber, like bran flakes. Add fruit and milk for the foremost nutrient starting.
Granola could also be natural however it’s usually high in fat. Use dry cereal meagerly or as a topper on low-fat yoghurt.

Shave the Fat, Not the Flavor



Select sorbets, sherbets, lightweight ice creams, or frozen yogurt for the fraction of the fat and calories.
Thanks to a brand new special churning technology, these frozen treats style like made and creamy premium frozen dessert. A ½ cup sweet will match into everyone’s diet.

Skip High-Fat Pizza Toppings

Enjoy thin-crust frozen pizza pie cocktail vogue, or with grilled chicken or veggies. By passing on the sausage, pepperoni, and further cheese, you will slash the fat, sodium, and calories during this favorite food.
Limit your portion to 2 slices (of a 12-inch pizza) and add a filling aspect dish to complete the meal.

Go for Real Juice


100% fruit juices square measure naturally made in vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting antioxidants. In fact, they are successive neatest thing to intake whole fruit.
“Fruit juice drinks,” however, square measure typically jam-choked with sugar and empty calories.

Snack on Healthy Hummus



Hummus could be a gratifying combination of nutrition once paired with recent veggies like baby carrots or baked pocket bread chips.
Made from chick peas, humus could be a sensible supply of iron, vitamin C, protein, and fiber.
So relish the pleasing style of humus and skip the dip that may cause diet sabotage.

Frozen Meals Can Be Healthy, Too!


Look for frozen meals that feature lean super molecule, lots of vegetables, whole grains, and a low-fat or straightforward sauce.
Avoid cooked food product, or creamy casseroles. Frozen meals that square measure baked, grilled, steamed, or sautéed square measure healthier and lower in calories.

Spaghetti – A Healthy Favorite



Try the new wheaten alimentary paste blends. Even the children can am fond of it if you prime the pasta together with your favorite spaghetti sauces. Voila! You’ve turned a childhood favorite into an over-fiber and nutrient-rich dish.
Macaroni ANd cheese could also be an old-standby, however its low in fiber and loaded with fat and calories.

Fat-Free Frozen Shrimp & Prawns


Shrimp square measure a tastier and healthier various to breaded fish sticks.
You can get them already sauté and shelled. Eat them cold with seafood sauce; grill them, or sauté with veggies in a very stir-fry.


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