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How To Describe Your Ideal Job In An Interview – Recent Job Story

A Recent Job Story is a typical term and its definition changes over the time and taste of persons. For some people job is earning a living, for some people it is just doing something other than sitting idle and for people it comes from passion and love for the work. An ideal of Recent Job Story should be which can only be defined as a job which is carried with the love and passion for it.

Unlike many others, when I was a school going kids my passion was to be a pilot and in high school I wanted to be a automobile engineer as I used to love for being a automobile expert. But things have been changed, after my A levels, I was curious about many other things and the focus has been diverted. After my higher secondary, I had given IELTS, SAT, and beside that my brother has suggested me to solve assignments, case study, dissertation and thesis. Initially it was for him and his friend, when I was doing well in that I started taking more work and had started doing professionally. After reading the newspapers, I had opened an account in Odesk which is now upwork and slowly I had found work on writing contents for blog.

After so many time of doing this work, I gradually started liking the work and for instance it became an ideal Recent Job Story for me. Even I have a small group of freelancers who are based in Nigeria and Kenya and I love to guide them for working under me when there is loads of work. So for me an ideal Recent Job Story is something which comes from the passion initially or later and writing is something I love to do and it is my ideal job.

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