Global Warming from india

How to Finding Global Warming Facts, Definition, Causes and Effects

The Global Warming is beautiful place for people to live in peace and take all the advantage of the charming nature. It’s sad but true indeed that this charming world is in danger of global warming. Global warming is basically caused by the increase of the numbers of holes in the Oxon layer which allows ultra violet rays to enter the earth’s surface which gradually increases the temperature. The increase in temperature causes the melt of ice in the Antarctica and by which the water level of the sea gradually increases causing the low lands to flood. The global worming also increases the possibility of hazardous weathers such as storms, cyclones etc. The global warming is mainly caused by the increase of industries which produces lots of carbon dioxide and the blame directly goes to the developed countries as these industries are the back bones of their massive economic growth. It’s time when they should be concuss about this immerging danger and take necessary steps as early as possible before it’s too late. The number of industry producing carbon dioxide should decrease, Increase green plants, stop deforestation and most importantly the developed country should financially be on the side of those countries who had already started feeling the hammering of global warming.

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