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How to Protecting your Business from Cybercrime – Cyber Security

In a society, there are many way to committee Cyber Security. Our society is getting digitalized day by day. The most important factor after this digitalization is Cyber. Cyber interaction brought lots of changes. Every change comes with pros and cons. Cyber crimes are the cons of this change. A Cyber crime means performing crime through internet and social networking sides. This is one of the savior crimes nowadays. It not only harms someone’s social and personal life but also affect him / her mentally. Initially, it was very difficult to figure out the person who is doing the crime. Because our technologies wasn’t that developed. Besides our government didn’t have those proper and specific laws for these kinds of crimes. All these made us life unsafe. But now, with the invention of new technologies and with the development of our digital sector we can have our privacy and security. Our government also established different kinds of strict laws and punishment for those people who does cyber crime. As a punishment of cyber crime, the criminal are taken to the jail for 8 to 10 years and they also have to pay a huge amount to the government for their deeds which have made the criminal think twice before committing the Cyber Security. These made our society, our personal and social life protected and safe.

The first few words that may come to one’s mind when they hear the word “crime” are murder, rape, stealing among many others. But very few people realize the nature and severity of a different type of criminal activity known as cyber crime. Although one may argue that it does not bring any physical harm to any individual and so should not be contrasted with crimes such as murder, events such as teenagers committing suicide because of being bullied over social media prove otherwise. Females in particular have come under the crossfire in such events. The internet is considered an extension of home for many and hence they share many happenings of their daily life over the internet. However, some treat the internet as a hunting ground, preying on the innocence of the less aware and exploiting whenever they see a chance. The key to avoid being a target is to be as careful in social media as one would be in real life. Choosing the right friends on cyber space is another precautionary step among many others.

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