Making medical devices accessible to save life



Medical devices area unit Associate in Nursing integral a part of fashionable medication and utilized in each spectrum of bioscience from designation to treatment, from interference to rehabilitation. Whether or not they area unit straightforward or subtle, these devices are saving lives of several individuals round the world. On the opposite hand, there area unit millions additional United Nations agency area unit dying with none access to even the foremost essential device. Most of those individuals might are survived and thrived with access to safe and delivery devices.
The challenges to form medical devices accessible area unit important and stupendous, particularly for a resource restricted country like Bangladesh . Medical devices aren’t obtainable all over. And in several components, wherever it’s obtainable, it’s not accessible as a result of lack of cash for maintenance, lack of trained work force to use and manage it and as a result of poor procure system.
There area unit many news reports from Bangladesh that showed government hospitals purchased several subtle and big-ticket machine that remained idle for long years, several machines were standing for an easy tool sort of a spare. There area unit corruption according behind several procure, there are a unit machines procured in several semi-urban and rural government health settings that area unit still wrapped within the box and unutilized in the slightest degree as a result of lack of easy coaching to handle the instrumentality or lack of employees to run it. There area unit monetary challenges for a developing country like Bangladesh to take care of such subtle machineries.
Many times, aid professional’s area unit inadequately trained to handle the device and begin mistreatment it. Lack of correct coaching results in additional damage than sensible to patients. The globe Health Organization (WHO) calculable that a staggering one.3 million deaths occur annually round the globe as a result of unsafe injection.
There area unit even challenges within the approach devices area unit designed. Several devices area unit meant for wealthier markets that don’t slot in developing country’s settings. Like several devices would like continuous power provide that’s a challenge for a rustic like Bangladesh. Many cheap, stripped down devices area unit utilized in developing country as substitute that usually don’t lasts for long as a result of lack of capability to survive in extreme conditions like heat, mud and unreliable power.
In order to deal with these challenges consultants known the requirement of context-specific devices, increase work force and coaching to handle devices, sensible procure follow and allocation of justifiable share in allow maintenance of machine.
Medical devices from an easy bandage to a surgical mechanism have created a distinction to millions. The challenges is currently to form certain everybody, in spite of wherever they live ought to have the access to essential safe and life-saving medical devices and to those who skills to use them. Everybody (manufactures, health profession and government) ought to work along to satisfy these challenges with the correct style to right call. The time to act is currently.

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