Preparation before your ultrasonography

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Ultrasonography (USG) is painless, fast and easy way to diagnose a number of diseases. Now a days, it’s quite common check accessible in most a part of Asian country. Ultrasound machine uses mirrored acoustic wave to supply image of Associate in Nursing organ or structure within the body.
Some ultrasound exams like arm, shoulder, wrist, hand, leg, knee, foot, chest, thyroid (non biopsy), testes (scrotal) or member will be done promptly at anytime and doesn’t need any preparation. However, some need special preparation. It’s necessary that you just follow the preparation tips therefore the sonographer will acquire the simplest attainable pictures.
If you’re suggested to try Associate in Nursing do an abdominal or combined abdomen and girdle USG, you wish to require special preparation. You must stop ingestion and drinking four to 6hours before your scan, however oral medications will be infatuated satiny low quantity of water. If you’re diabetic, you’ll have one piece of dry toast and one glass of juice before a morning test — if your scan is within the afternoon then you’ll have a light-weight, low- or no-fat diet.
If your doctor orders solely girdle USG (pelvis is that the space below hip), you need to have a full bladder before the check to visualize girdle organ properly. you must stop drinking and expelling for 2 hours before your scan, however oral medications will be infatuated atiny low quantity of water. If you’re post-menopausal and don’t have periods, your test will be done at any time. If square measure you’re} pre-menopausal (having periods) or are post-menopausal on ordered endocrine replacement (you have regular period-like bleeding), your test ought to be done between day half-dozen and day ten of your cycle.
If you’re pregnant and suggested to try to to USG for physiological condition profile, you furthermore might want preparation. In early physiological condition, ultrasound is employed to work out fertilization age and viability. Within the second and third trimesters, ultrasound is employed to judge the vertebrate, monitor fetal growth and position, check liquid body substance, survey the placental location etc. during this condition, there aren’t any dietary restrictions, however you must stop expelling for one hour before your scan.
If you’ve got any concern together with your thyroid gland (Adams Apple) and your doctor orders a thyroid diagnostic test ultrasound, you must stop ingestion and drinking four to 6 hours before your scan is performed by scanning and characteristic a locality of concern within the endocrine gland requiring tissue sampling for microscopic anatomy designation. If you’re taking acetylsalicylic acid or any blood thinners throughout the amount, you must stop 5 to seven days before your appointment.

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